In order to get a quality and interesting design of the room, the realization of the planned should be trusted in the hands of professionals, it depends on how good a result you will get. Our Tico Dim studio offers you a turnkey apartment repair service. Thanks to it, you can get the home or office of your dreams.

The first step is to create a design project

Any work related to the repair of an apartment, house or commercial premises begins with the project. This will be taken by our specialists. We have been in the market for over 5 years, and we continue to learn and develop. Therefore, we are ready to offer you the best solutions for the optimization and transformation of premises, taking into account current trends and your wishes.

The team of specialists of our company is always serious about the execution of every order, from the creation of a design project and its visualization, to finishing works, selection of furniture and accessories.

Turnkey repair services

Our studio has its own construction and repair area, which allows us to implement turnkey design projects. This will remove from you all the hassle associated with the procurement of materials, the selection of contractors and employees, process control and give a 100% guarantee of a clear implementation of the prepared design project.

We work only after signing the contract, which will clearly state the terms of the work, their cost, as well as a guarantee for the work performed. That is why you can be sure of the result.

Tico Dim specialists are ready to execute orders with varying complexity, from design repair of the apartment with changes in the layout of the apartment, to the installation of all engineering systems.

Purchase of materials for the repair of a turnkey apartment

In addition to the repair itself, Tico Dim Studio takes over the purchase of all necessary materials, furniture and lighting. Please note that everything will be selected within the stipulated budget.

Why should we order turnkey repair from us?

  • We offer you comprehensive cooperation. Our specialists are ready to work with your apartment, house or office, from the project to the selection of accessories. All you need at this moment is to express your wishes, to approve the design project and the repair budget, the rest is for us;
  • In our team are the best masters and performers who will do everything in a timely manner;
  • Buying materials with us is fast, easy and profitable. Designers accurately calculate the required amount of decoration materials, select the best options and contact reliable suppliers;
  • Quality guarantee. We begin our cooperation with the signing of the contract, which will spell out the terms of the works, their cost and all the nuances associated with turnkey repair. That is why you can rest assured that everything will work out without unpleasant surprises.

Tico Dim’s turnkey apartment renovation is a dream come true without unnecessary time and expense.