Дизайн-проект повний життя і атмосферних деталей.
Функціональний та естетичний простір - ідеальний для сучасного ритму життя.

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Площа 86 кв.м
Місто Львів, Україна
Час виконаня: 210 годин (3 тижні)
Сфера робіт: Дизайн інтер'єру
Ludmila Bachynska

Homewell specialists are great guys!! Even the tiniest details were of high quality and relevance: a design concept, punctuality, and quality of repair services; every corner of the apartment is modern and trendy. Now, I understand that we would not be able to do what you did, as this is a tremendous job that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Special thanks go to Vasyliy and Victor for their professionalism, patience, and sense of humor! Homewell - you are the best!!!

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