Our task was to design a functional and cozy interior concept with colorful accents

With unusual design solutions, we managed to create a truly stylish interior.

  • Kitchen – the work area is rich green and located on both sides for convenience. We used wooden partitions to separate it from the living room zone.
  • Bathroom – rich red decorative plaster on all walls.

There is a large purple bed in the bedroom, as well as a spacious closet hidden behind the sliding door. In addition, there is a room for creativity with comfortable green ottomans, which may serve as a nursery later!

Area: 69.8 sq.m
City: Lviv, Ukraine
Run time: 210 hours (3 weeks)
Services: Interior design

Страхова компанія «Саламандра Україна» — найкраща компанія по взаємовідношенню з клієнтами. Студія дизайну інтер’єру ТІКОДІМ у 2013 році проектувала наш офіс і вела об’єкт «під ключ». Ми цілком задоволені роботою і підходом.

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