Interior Design Concept

It is very important to entrust your interior design to experienced professionals who take into account all the important aspects, listen to your preferences, and give professional advice.

Our team is here to offer you our services. With Tico Dim design studio, you will be 100% sure of the result, because we know that when launching a new project, understanding exactly what a customer wants is the first priority.

Turnkey Repairs

When starting a renovation, people often get lost in the variety of materials, choice of contractors, and many tasks that require constant intervention. Tico Dim team unites the best contractors, skilled workers, and designers, which is why our turnkey repair offer is a great deal for you.

With Tico Dim Studio turnkey repairs, you can get great results without wasting your time and nerve rattling. We will discuss all the terms in detail, our specialists will listen to your preferences, and in a fairly short time, we will bring everything you have planned into reality.

Smart House

Smart House is a universal management and security system for modern homes. Thanks to it, you can control everything from the heating system and air-conditioning to the heated swimming pool, alarm, or video surveillance, while being anywhere in the world. It also incorporates energy-saving technologies that will increase efficiency and comfort. You can be sure that with such a Smart House system, your home will always be warm, comfortable and safe, and you will save your family budget and time, which you can spend on communicating with your loved ones.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Our ventilation and air conditioning installation offer includes state-of-the-art and advanced solutions. We can work with both conventional ventilation ducts and house installations, as well as with high-quality solutions for industrial air purification.

In addition, to create comfortable conditions in your home, you must think of air conditioning. We can install modern air conditioners, heat exchangers with heat pumps, or heat recovery systems.

Sound Proofing

Car noise, loud sounds from your neighbor’s stereo, or annoying clicking of someone’s heels over your head can not only interfere with the peace and comfort of your life but also get under your skin. This is why we offer you the highest quality materials for sound insulation. 

The most popular materials have the following specifications:

  • Soundproofing – 26 dB at a thickness of 19 mm; 30 dB at a thickness of 25 mm;
  • Thickness – 6, 9, 13, 19, 25, 32, 50 mm;
  • Density – 45 to 65 kg / m3;
  • Color – black.

Rest assured that with these materials (when used properly), you will be able to get rid of most average-intensity household noises (the sound of the TV or music coming from your neighbors, the sound of a baby crying, loud discussions, etc.).

Construction of a House on a Turn-Key Basis

Construction of your own house is a very responsible and important life stage for every person. Therefore, if you want to have it done in a quality, time-efficient way and with no extra stress, it is best to place it in the hands of Tico Dim professionals. Together, we will build a house of your dreams – from the design concept to interior design plan and to implementation of your every preference.

We have been cooperating with reliable and professional specialists for many years. Our team can complete construction works of any complexity. This allows us to talk about the exact timing of works and guarantee their quality. We take on the hardest part and guarantee that you will be happy with the result, while you just have to relax and forget about worries.

Heating System

Your house just can’t be comfortable and cozy without a quality heating system. That is why it is important to have qualified specialists design and install the system. Our team has been installing heating and plumbing fixtures for over 5 years. During this time, we have successfully implemented numerous projects. Thanks to this expertise and constant development, we can guarantee you an excellent result. Just entrust the warmth and comfort of your home to our specialists.

Security System

Beautiful interior design with the best engineering solutions for heating and air conditioning is still not enough for a comfortable and cozy life. In addition, security is always an important consideration. Modern security systems are represented by an extensive choice of equipment and software. It is quite easy to get confused here, so it’s best to entrust their installation and setup to professionals. Our specialists can install the following security solutions:

  • alarms;
  • video surveillance;
  • perimeter security systems;
  • fire alarms with water, foam, or powder fire extinguishing systems.

With such security systems, you will always feel safe and secure in the comfort of your home.