Tico Dim specialists are great guys!!

Homewell specialists are great guys!! Even the tiniest details were of high quality and relevance: a design concept, punctuality, and quality of repair services; every corner of the apartment is modern and trendy. Now, I understand that we would not be able to do what you did, as this is a tremendous job that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Special thanks go to Vasyliy and Victor for their professionalism, patience, and sense of humor! Homewell - you are the best!!!

Ludmila Bachynska
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Very satisfied with the work of the company

Very satisfied with the work of the company. The team works clearly, punctually, professionally. After developing the design, they were more than satisfied. Recommended and we will recommend to anyone who is planning to repair!

Halyna Kostyrko-Babyniu
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Sometimes, love happens at first sight ...

Sometimes, love happens at first sight ... This is what happened to us when we first saw TICO DIM team’s works on the internet 🥰
We made a decision: we need to know this team better
Without even a shadow of a doubt, we can confidently say that everything was perfect from our first meeting to the moment we received a completed project.
To say we were in love with the concept would be an understatement)
While working with us, a team cleared out every detail: style solutions, colors, explanations, and options for solving all stylistic and technical aspects, and even whether the coffee or tea tasted good during each of our meetings.
Working with you was easy, enjoyable and certainly fun (we love joking, so a team with a good sense of humor was no less important to us than an experienced one)
Thank you very much for your joint efforts, work, understanding you’re your approach, and most importantly - for the home of our DREAMS!
P.S. See you!

Nataliia Havryliak
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