Our team offers design services for any premises ranging from apartments to large office buildings. A list of our services includes the creation of unique and customized design concepts, as well as apartment repair, field supervision, construction works, and more. We offer solutions for any budget.

Service: the creation of a design concept

Creation of a unique customized design concept includes:

  • 3D visualization – each room from 3 to 4 angles;
  • dimensional drawings;
  • plan for installing and dismantling walls or partitions;
  • functional plan.

In addition, a complete set of drawings includes:

  • Plumbing fixtures layout plan
  • Wall cross-sections and elevations with decoration elements
  • Wall cross-sections with tile layout and specifying dimensions, article, and the area for ​​selected bathroom fixtures;
  • Ceiling plan indicating materials to be used, individual units and sections (the number of drawings depends on the level of ceiling complexity);
  • Detailed layout of lighting fixtures specifying all switches;
  • A layout of sockets and electrical outlets;
  • Furniture layout plan;
  • Explanation of floor coverings indicating the area and items of the selected material;
  • Drawings of the designed furniture;
  • Dimensional drawings with engineering lines.

In addition to the above services, you will get a free specification of the furniture, materials and decorative elements used in the project (manufacturer, item). On top of this, we offer field supervision over the construction and repair works for a period of three months subject to your order of a complete set. With such a service package, apartment repair prices will surprise you, while you will be sure to obtain a wonderful result.

Worthwhile prices on turnkey apartment repairs

Our studio offers both the creation of various design concepts for all types of premises and apartment renovation services. All works are performed by our full-time skilled workers and specialists. In addition, we have a list of the best material and furniture suppliers. When you order our services, you just have to name your budget while we take care of the rest.

Interior design means a unique solution for everyone, therefore, we treat all customers with special care. In addition, we are always ready to offer you a personalized approach and interesting ideas. We will definitely find common ground with you. All you need to do is submit a request and wait for a call from us.


Дизайн інтер’єру – це унікальні рішення для кожного, тому всі клієнти для нас особливі. І ми завжди готові запропонувати вам індивідуальний підхід та цікаві ідеї. Ми впевнені, що зможемо знайти з вами спільну мову, просто залиште свою заявку і чекайте дзвінка.